demontools Collection of miscellaneous functions and tools which don't necessarily warrant their own module/class
echofile set of functions for echoing files to things.
ftext ftext functions to format and print text, and the objects which use them
gradientmaker Module which provides for creating color gradients for your text.


Chyron Creates a label with a scrolling text element.
EMCO Embeddable Multi Console Object.
LoggingConsole MiniConsole with logging capabilities
Loginator Loginator creates an object which allows you to log things to file at various severity levels, with the ability to only log items above a specific severity to file.
MasterMindSolver Interactive object which helps you solve a Master Mind puzzle.
SortBox An H/VBox alternative which can be set to either vertical or horizontal, and will autosort the windows
SUG Self Updating Gauge, extends Geyser.Gauge
TextGauge Creates a text based gauge, for use in miniconsoles and the like.
TimerGauge Animated countdown timer, extends Geyser.Gauge
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